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My bf styled me w/ various things n now I look like this so

My bf styled me w/ various things n now I look like this so

lana: hey come here
some guy: huh no
lana: rub my lips
some guy: no what
lana: they're so plump
some guy: no
lana: do it oh yeah ultraviolence
some guy: oh god
lana: this is gonna make such a hot music video
some guy: please help
lana: lemme lick ur hand
some guy: who are u
lana: hit me n it felt like a kiss came in like a wreckin ball oh yeah

Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence

Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence



jim taught me that *struggles to peel orange* lovin him was never enough *sensually eats orange segment* with his *rubs lips* ultraviolence

theres this medicine i used 4 an ulcer once tho that like chemically cauterised it and it was probably the most painful thing i’ve ever experienced ever but honestly i feel like i shud use it just 2 get like a day of relief

the main reason im mad @ my ulcers rn is cuz my bf is comin 2day n like

how am i supposed 2 suck that dick kiss him when it hurts to even talk???? :(

I found actually singing in Spanish pretty nice for me,maybe I'll go in that way? BTW are u wondering who am I?

well then sing spanish!! do what feels good n u enjoy

and ya a lil i guess but idk its cool if u wanna stay anon lol

I suffer from them too…very often

in the past like 3 weeks i’ve had at least 10 of them

n not even small ones



I just need to find a nice style of singing to expose my vocals in the best way, you are a pretty authority for me in doing what you love ;)

just look around @ songs u like of different genres n sing them 2 urself n see how they work 4 u, idk just basically sing anything sing what u want even challenge urself n do songs ur voice can’t normally handle (im not talkin about straining ur voice tho) so u can train it up idk !! have fun ya that is basically it cuz i mean if ur not enjoyin it then whats the point

i have another mouth ulcer and its right @ the back of my tongue on the side n everytime i put somethin on it 2 cool it i start salivating like insane amounts but if i dont all of my tongue, throat and left ear hurts :(

Hi do you remeber me? I'm the anon you encouraged to sing just for myself... big thanks! I have some songs recorded and I have pretty fun doing this! I am not best in it but who cares :D

aw thats good !!! definitely just do it for urself, make the music you wanna make, just have fun yea, if thats what you’re doing then im glad :~)

that post goin around which is like “jazz is so hard u have 2 have perfect rhythm n pitch” is so false lol firstly what singer has bad?? rhythm??? secondly you can pitch correct anything and considering how high profile cheek to cheek is and how its coming from a huge label and everything it probably will be pitch corrected

n dont get me wrong thats not a bad thing but to falsely say that somehow jazz music is pitch correction resistant idk its just weird lol !!