Did you know that you can drink lava? But only once

Lana Del Rey - Shot by Neil Krug, 2014

Lana Del Rey - Shot by Neil Krug, 2014

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every time i click on a song 2 play on itunes the first like second gets skipped

n its rly fuckin annoying

and they think someone mightve poisoned her with antifreeze but they dnt rly know n if someone did that tbh they can fuckin rot like they can get stabbed like 40 times in the face i dont even care

my cat is so ill :(

she might need like a blood transfusion or somethin + her kidneys and bladder are acting fucked up n i saw her today n she was so tired n confused n upset n she wanted 2 go home but she couldnt n she kept tryin 2 get out but we couldnt let her cuz she’s attached 2 an iv line

animals dont deserve 2 be hurt like this

i do think a lot of the time ppl here get “loving yourself” etc confused with being rude, arrogant, putting others down to feel better about urself (this is a big 1 tbh), being conceited and so on n that troubles me sometimes

u kno that thing where it was like: motivation 100% ideas 0% or motivation 0% ideas 100% i am that right now i have so many cool song ideas but i am so sleepy


the sims 4 probably gonna suck but im still gonna illegally download it


Lady Gaga’s Message for Dubai. AMI Live Presents Lady Gaga’s ArtRave: The ARTPOP Ball live in Dubai on 10th September at Meydan.

my lil cats rly ill


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*starts drama*

*gets dragged nearly to death*

"i think i’m going to take a break from tumblr. this is such a toxic place and im glad i have real life friends so fuck you bitches im out."

*watches a show on netflix for 1 day while still on tumblr without posting/reblogging*

*comes back the next day* “did yall miss me? :D”

*starts drama*

goodbye little monsters :/ … paws up forever

lms if you too are living life like shakira