This might seem out of the blue, but can you reveal any info you know on lana's ex's like J, Bill and K , maybe no K because his references are more obvious than the other ones. I just wanna understand the songs more etc.. sorry if this is annoying you don't have to!

nah boo me and Jake were developing/uncovering this whole sort of backstory from which Lana draws inspiration.

J is really prevalent, basically every song she says a name beginning with J she’s referencing J (Jay-Z, Jared Leto, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Gnecco etc) - he’s the older man in Ride in the who’s on the balcony of a motel with Lana while she leans over the railings etc. He’s also the man who likes the little girls, he has a drug addiction from what I can tell, he cornered Lana into selling herself (idk whether that’s through prositution (but that’s HEAVILY supposed in Last Girl On Earth and the Ride video) but almost definitely stripping (Go Go Dancer)). He and Lana had a more passionate, dangerous relationship rather than one based on actual love. His songs are focused around heavily around sex, hedonism and materialism and generally reference older men, (Classic J songs are Hundred Dollar Bill, Paris, Boarding School, Last Girl on Earth and National Anthem).

Bill is an older man too, nearing his 40s, he is married and depressed, most of what you can find out about Bill comes from songs from Sirens - specifically Next To Me is VERY telling about how their relationship formed. As far as I can tell it happened just before she and J split or very soon after. She meets him as a stripper/sex worker and talks to him rather than seduces him and falls in love with his vulnerability. He’s worried about his wife finding out, but his depression sort of blinds him into letting Lana string him on (remember at this point Lana’s pretty screwed up). Eventually in Pawn Shop Blues we hear about how she lets “the best man she knew go” (Bill) to know what God knows (where K - her first true love - is). (Classic Bill songs are Go Go Dancer, Pawn Shop Blues, Next To Me, Kinda Outta Luck and Trash Magic (Miss America)).

And I know you say you know a lot about K already, which is fair he’s the most prominent in all of her songs, but just to clear things up, he “went away” (idk whether he died or was imprisoned) for double homocide (see: For K Part 1 and Kill Kill (why do you think it’s called kill kill? two kills - double homicide etc). He grew up on punk rock and was the dirty heavy metal king, his songs often reference celestial bodies (stars, planets, heaven etc) reflecting that god knows where he is and Lana doesn’t. (Classic K songs are Never Let Me Go, the For K trilogy (Dark Paradise as part 3), Smarty, the BTD trilogy (BTD, VG, BJ), Kill Kill, and Oh Say Can You See).

There are a few other recurring “characters” in her songs like Ray (K’s best friend who Lana sleeps with (see Kill Kill and Never Let Me Go and Money Hunny) and this police officer but idk whether he’s just a fictious character or based on someone real. Obviously it’s all fan speculation but Lana is adamant that her music is based on real events so this is how I see what actually happened between the lines.